Agriculture Irrigation Automation


BMP Automation has lowered the operating cost and reduced the operating demand of irrigation system by between 20% – 30%. Our customers wanted to achieve energy saving by making the current motor driven irrigation system more energy efficient.  The aim of irrigation system is to meet the water requirement s of the crop in order to obtain optimum production with a system that operates efficiently at the lowest operating cost. The design of the irrigation system must therefore focus on operating cost and not on initial capital costs.

BMP Automation boosts energy efficiency

Our customers request better control and production improvements of the irrigation system. BMP Automation fits a range of different variable speed drives (VSDs) in farmer’s pump stations to control their speed which is the most efficient way to control the flow rate of the water and pressure in main lines.

When the pump’s speed is reduced with VSDs, the power consumption is also reduced.  Slowing the motor speed down to match the actual demand needed by the application reduces energy consumption up to 30% compared to the previous irrigation system. In the past, flow/pressure requirements were achieved by throttling and then reducing the flow rates – this technique wastes surplus energy through friction.

Reduced maintenance costs

Additional benefits of the renewed system include automation re-starting of the irrigation systems if an electrical supply outage occurs e.g., if there is a power outage, the system will automatically start once the power was restored, which will ensure greater reliability and minimum disruption to the crop farm.  The automatic power factor correction feature will reduce demand charges. It the operating head/pressure is reduced, the water flow will also be reduced, ensured mechanical and electrical stress and therefore reduce maintenance issues and costs to the customer.  The system will also automatically record pressure, temperature and drives power used.


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