Building Machine and Plant Automation

BMP Automation is an established, leading, innovative software automation solutions provider in Southern Africa. We design, develop and deliver turn-key Agriculture irrigation automation systems for all agriculture sector. BMP Automation established in 2004, is a supplier of industrial automation and control systems. BMP Automation automated systems transformed enterprises and industries we got involved in, by time and money saving, better control and monitoring, and by stirring up a pursuit for more creative business solutions.

An unrelenting quest for excellence and state of the art quality management systems have enabled us to expand our portfolio across all economic sectors. Similarly we have, over the 10 years of our existence, successfully completed numerous Landmark Automation projects in Southern Africa. Recently we have expanded and further diversified our Industrial Automation portfolio by delivery agriculture pump house automation and power saving business.

With the use of our Schneider Electric VSD Ranges for pumps ATV 61 and combing the VSD control with Unitronics Range of PLC we have developed a very efficient system for the pressure control on irrigation lines and power saving using the VSD motor starter.

Our Mission

Our mission at BMP Automation is to provide the Agriculture Industry with real power saving solution and a more automated business system for the Farmer.


Schneider Ele and Switchgear.

Unitronics full range of Plc and HMI series

Panel Building

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